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Gain a competitive edge in trading or investing with SentimenTrader's advanced research reports.
Our team, each with over two decades of diverse industry experience, offers timely, actionable insights. These insights, built on unique qualitative perspectives and supported by a consistent, data-driven approach, are designed to be concise, impactful, and restricted to 10 pages or fewer for easy digestion.


Sentiment analysis you can depend on.

The sentiment research and analysis trusted by traders and investors around the globe can come to your inbox daily.

With SentimentEdge Report, you can access Jason Goepfert’s evidence-based market analysis – always derived from a data-driven approach, never on the latest narrative. If you’re looking for an edge in the market, you need more than a hunch.


Signal-driven research you can depend on.

The sentiment, price, breadth, and macro research and analysis trusted by traders and investors around the globe can come to your inbox daily.

With ModelEdge Report, you can access Dean Christians' evidence-based market analysis – always derived from an objective signal-driven approach, never on the latest narrative. If you're looking for an edge in the market, follow the signal and ignore the noise.


Quantitative research you can depend on.

The objective, quantitative research and analysis trusted by traders and investors around the globe can come to your inbox daily.

With Kaeppel's Corner, you can access Jay Kaeppel's evidence-based market analysis – always derived from a trader’s point of view, never on the latest narrative. If you're looking for an edge in the market, then improve your ability to objectively “think like a trader.”

How our analysts work

SentimenTrader Reports do more than deliver market insights. They also provide a window into our analytic methodology. Each report helps you understand the trusted strategies of our analysts, from signal interpretation to backtesting. It's an opportunity not just to follow, but to learn and grow, potentially developing your own market insights.

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How does our institutional-grade research help you?

At SentimenTrader, we pride ourselves on equipping traders and investors with insightful and data-driven tools to enhance their market performance. Here is how our institutional-grade research can make a difference in your investment journey:
Our research reports provide you with clear, objective and actionable analysis, without narrative and hype.
We teach you how to stack the odds in your favor by knowing the probability of success before you trade.
By using a quantitative-driven approach derived from historical data, we help you remove emotion from investment decision-making.
We dramatically shorten your learning curve by drawing from our analyst’s decades of real-world research and trading experience.

How we provide you a trading edge

We use three primary methods to convey the potential outcome of historical patterns.


Key Points

At the start of each research report, you'll find key bullet points that summarize the historical signal details, forward return outlook, and other strategic insights.



In each research report, you will find charts that assist subscribers in visualizing the idea or concept underlying the historical pattern. Our analysts often enhance the charts with qualitative commentary or annualized returns based on specific threshold levels for an indicator. 


Research Summary

The research summary offers a comprehensive overview of the historical pattern specifics and performance, including additional perspectives or insights from analysts.


Analyst Forecast

Analysts can include a forecast on their research notes when an actionable trading signal provides a compelling edge.The median return, win rate, max gain and loss, and z-score are all considered when including an actionable idea.


Potential Outcome

Analysts utilize three primary methodologies to demonstrate the potential outcome of a historical pattern.
A forward return outlook table
based on a single date in time
The forward return outlook table serves as a valuable tool for assessing the performance of a specific event in history, measuring its impact over durations ranging from 1 week to 12 months. This comprehensive table encompasses key metrics such as signal dates, median return, win rate, median max gain and loss, and a z-score.
The growth of $1 based on
a start and end date
The growth of $1 calculation is used for historical patterns that have a start and end date. The objective is to help you visualize the consistency and volatility of returns over time, and to help you assess your own ability to utilize the strategy highlighted.
Annualized returns based on
bracket levels for an indicator
In certain instances, analysts provide an annualized return based on an indicator level when neither the single event nor the growth of the $1 approach can be effectively employed to articulate the potential outcome.

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