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Other Indicators

S&P 500*
Basic Materials*
Health Care*
Aggregate Ratios for all 10 major S&P 500 sectors*
ISE Sentiment Index
R.O.B.O. Put/Call Ratio™ (one of the purest sentiment Indicators available)*
OEX Determination Index*
L.O.B.O Put/Call Ratio*
OEX P/C Ratio (with moving averages)
Options Speculation Index*
Open Interest Ratio
Total P/C Ratio
Open Interest Ratios for Major ETFs
Equity P/C Ratio
Risk Reversals for Major Currency Pairs
VIX Transform (transforms VIX into a statistically meaningful chart)*
Stock/Bond Ratio*
Smart Money Index
First Hour/Last Hour Comparison
Last Hour Cumulative Line
Credit Default Swap Index
CSFB Fear Barometer
VIX Term Structure
Gold, Bond, Oil Implied Volatility
Leveraged ETF Assets
Gamma Exposure
Skew Index
NASDAQ/NYSE Relative Volume
PE Ratio/VIX
S&P 500 Component Correlation
Volatility ETF Fund Flow
Relative Ratio Ranks for Ipos, Microcaps and more*
8 critical metrics each for industries, sectors, countries & gold mining stocks*
HILO Logic Index for NYSE/NASDAQ*
17 metrics each for popular ETFS, sectors and global indexes*
Cumulative Tick for NYSE/NASDAQ*
Advance/Decline Ratio for NYSE/NASDAQ/High-Yield Bonds
SPY and QQQQ Liquidity Premium*
New High/New Low Ratio for NYSE/NASDAQ/High-Yield Bonds
S&P and NDX Down Pressure*
UP Issues and Volume Ratios for NYSE/NASDAQ
S&P and NDX Price Oscillator*
Percentage of Fidelity Select Funds Beating Cash*
McClellan Oscillator & Summation for NYSE/NASDAQ/High-Yield Bonds
Proprietary Optimism Index (OPTIX) Scores for Commodities*
NAAIM Survey Of Active Investment Managers
AAII Bullish
Consumer Confidence with % Expecting Rising Markets
AAII Bearish
Equity Hedging Index*
AAII Bull Ratio Ma
Hedge Fund Exposure for Stocks/Bonds/Gold/Dollar*
AAII Asset Allocation
Pension Fund Allocations*
Wall Street Strategist Asset Allocation
Soft vs. Hard Economic Surprises
Wall Street Analyst Net Price Upgrades
Risk Appetite Index*
News Sentiment
Consumer Comfort Index
N.F.I.B. Small Business Optimism
Australia (EWA)
Italy (EWI)
Brazil (EWZ)
Japan (EWJ)
Canada (EWC)
Mexico (EWW)
China (FXI)
Russia (RSX)
Emerging Markets (EEM)
Spain (EWP)
France (EWQ)
United Kingdom (EWU)
Germany (EWG)
India (PIN)
Domestic & Foreign Equity Flow
Pension Fund Cash (%)
Domestic & Foreign Bond Flow
Margin Debts/Credits/Available Cash
Retail Money Market Assets
Number of IPO & Secondary Offerings
Equity/Money Market Asset Ratio
Penny Stock Trading Volume
Foreign Investment in US Equities
Monthly Fund Flows for Broad ETF Categories
Mutual Fund Cash (%)
Daily Fund Flows for more than 45 ETFs
Bear/Bull Social Sentiment indicators for active ETFs
Bearish Percent Social Sentiment indicators for active ETFs
Bullish Percent Social Sentiment indicators for active ETFs
Optimism Indexes for 30+ Commodities/Currencies/Bonds
Commitments of Traders Data (including Hedgers, Speculators and % of Open Interest)
Detailed Seasonality Charts
* Proprietary indicators likely available only on
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Once exclusively available to selected institutions, we've now made this valuable resource accessible to all our subscribers. Whether you're a hedge fund, prop trading group, investment advisory firm, or systematic trader, the DataEdge API empowers you to integrate SentimenTrader data into your chosen software platform and programming language. With this unparalleled flexibility, you can enhance your research and trading capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Data with complete history
  • Timely updates each day
  • Access to new indicators
  • JSON data delivery format
  • Customization of data feeds
  • Technical Support
  • Complimentary access to Essentials+AI

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